Led Signage

LED's Light Emitting Diode'dur Description. In Turkish, translated as Light Emitting diode.
The light sources, the most recent bulunanıdır teknoloide developing artificial. Bulb or a completely different way yaydığıışıktan fluorescents and some of the advantageous aspects of LEDs to create light of science has been one of the most popular subject.
P and N type semi-conductive layers (LED chip), the reflective surface and the conductive areas form the structure of a Ledin.
As with other artificial light sources, LEDs will also light, using electrical energy generated. Electron and the electron diode is lost in the "+" load the winning zone (hole)

consists of a combination of radiation. This radiation energy is the energy difference between hole and electron. Changes in the energy difference between the type of LED chip and changing, so that the wavelength of the light makes the color different. In this way, it is possible to obtain in many colors.


The colors in your hand you:

LED's Uses:

  Indicator panels, and brake lights in cars
  raffic signal lamps
  Electronic appliances are a warning light or information
  Mobile phone and so on. floor lighting
  Kumandalarda (do not emit visible light)
  Decorative lighting
Advertising tabelalrında marquees and so on. areas
  Some electronic times
  New new street lighting

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